Be Less Awful At The Coffee Counter Please

Dear non-service industry workers, just a quick note to remind you that those in the service industry are in fact human just like you (unless they are Briggo), and as such, you should treat them in a manner that you would deem appropriate for how you would like to be interacted with. Or to put […]

Does Collagen in Coffee Actually Work? | Ingrid Nilsen

I’ve gotten so many questions about collagen lately, so here’s a review of the collagen I’ve been using! My Twitter: My Instagram: My Facebook: ———- Missed my last videos? No worries! Check them out here: 5 Skincare Tips To Try Right Now: Re-Styling My Fashion Faves! Tatcha The Silk Canvas Product Review: […]

Join This Webinar on Gender Equity in the Coffee Value ChainDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

“Gender rests at the heart of humanity and coffee is no different; beyond the overriding notion of equity, all along the value chain from farm to cup there are growth and risk management opportunities that will only be realised with full engagement with all stakeholders in our communities.” — webinar panelist Ewan Reid, of Matthew […]