A Good Cup of Coffee

Though I have never been a coffee drinker, I love the smell of it brewing in the morning. I guess it is because I have happy memories as a child and I knew the smell of coffee meant my mother was up and we were going to have one of her wonderful breakfasts or that we were at my grandmother’s house and we were going to have one of her wonderful breakfasts. My grandmother always had a pot of coffee on the stove for visitors – and a homemade apple pie – and there was always someone at the house visiting!

People have been enjoying the benefits of coffee for over fifteen hundred years. Originating from the Kaffa, Buno, and Ethiopia areas, the main center of production was the port city of Mocha, Yemen, where it was served to Italian merchants and then spread to Europe in the 1600’s. Little did the Turks know that they were serving what would become one of the most popular drinks in history. Coffee houses began ‘brewing’ all over North American in 1668 in towns such as Boston, New York and Philadelphia. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans drink on the average of more than eight ounces of coffee a day.

The benefits of coffee are astounding. Coffee is extremely high in antioxidants (substances that slow down or prevent oxidative damage to our cells and bodies and act as free radical scavengers). In Harvard Health Publication, studies have shown coffee in moderation can reduce the risk of developing gall stones, colon cancer, liver damage, Parkinson’s disease, improve endurance performance in physical activities and cognitive function.

It is recommended that coffee be consumed in moderation since it is a stimulant. Too much coffee or anything for that matter, can do more harm than good, so limit consumption to no more than two cups a day. Over consumption of coffee can cause anxiety or panic attacks and in some cases increase the risk of heart disease in some people. If you find that you are jittery or nervous after drinking coffee, cut back.

The key to brewing a good cup of coffee is to grind good quality fresh beans yourself. As soon as the beans are ground, precious oils that make your coffee taste great are lost. Just imagine how great your coffee will taste from freshly ground beans. A coffee grinder is used for this purpose and a must if you really want a good cup of coffee. I am going to add a personal note here about coffee grinders. I have one and use mine to grind nuts and seeds to make a coating for food instead of breadcrumbs. I grind almonds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, mix them together with paprika, herbs, a little salt and pepper. This makes a grand coating for salmon cakes or chicken and fish. Then I pan sear, and serve with a mayonnaise, lemon, garlic, and horseradish sauce. Yum. 

I have also used mine to grind herbs if I want them really fine. If you wish to use a coffee grinder for other things, it is best to purchase two – one for coffee and one for grinding nuts, seeds and herbs. Purchase high quality beans, of course choosing the type of bean for a particular flavor is up to you. If your water is poor quality, use filtered or spring water to make your coffee taste even better. Also consider organic coffee and experiment with different flavor beans to find your favorite. Our parents used to let us have a small amount of coffee when we were kids. They called it coffee milk and it consisted of coffee, pure cream – more cream than coffee and sugar. That was a real treat.

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