Starbucks and McDonalds Are Experimenting With Resuable Cups

One of the biggest sources of waste produced by coffee shops comes from disposable cups. You can make them recyclable and compostable all you want—both of which are inarguably good things, certainly better than the alternative—but unless folks use them to those ends instead of throwing them in the garbage, there is little to no […]

Be Less Awful At The Coffee Counter Please

Dear non-service industry workers, just a quick note to remind you that those in the service industry are in fact human just like you (unless they are Briggo), and as such, you should treat them in a manner that you would deem appropriate for how you would like to be interacted with. Or to put […]

Red Fox Coffee Merchants To Open New Lab In Oaxaca, Mexico

The quick Red Fox has jumped over the lazy wall. After years of coffee sourcing work in the area, Oakland-based importer Red Fox Coffee Merchants have announced plans to open a year-round coffee lab in Oaxaca, Mexico. Red Fox’s lab in Oaxaca is their second at origin, following a previously established lab in Lima, Peru. With […]

The Brand New Counter Culture Training Center In Dallas

After three years in the works, Counter Culture Coffee is ready to make its official debut in Dallas. The brand has been slowly developing a presence in the DFW Metroplex for a few years now, but on Friday, January 31st, Counter Culture will announce itself to the public with the opening of their Dallas Training […]

Top Ten Signs You Should Fire Your Robot Barista

I’ve watched enough sci-fi movies to know that in the war between humans and machines, humans are a significant underdog. But the SF Chronicle reports that we can chalk one up for the good guy as Cafe X, the horrifying robot barista concept in San Francisco, has shuttered its three locations across the city. It […]

Home Baristas You Better Sit Down For This

For many people (if you are reading this, you are probably one of them), making coffee is not a chore one undertakes out of necessity. It’s a daily ritual one relishes the opportunity to be a part of. The quality of the experience isn’t judged by the result in the cup—though a delicious coffee at […]

We Didn’t Start The Third Wave

It’s the end of 2019, and the end of the decade. To celebrate and reflect, here is a coffee version of the 1989 contemporary pop hit, “We Didn’t Start The Fire.” Thank you for listening, reading, sharing, and supporting the Sprudge Media Network, the worldwide leader in coffee news and journalism and occasionally song parody. […]