know where your money’s going – The Perc

When you tip at a restaurant, you assume that money is going to the waiting staff and kitchen porters. And while that’s partly because you feel they deserve it (or need it, given the struggles of zero hour contracts and minimum wage pay), it’s also because you deserve to know where your money is going. […]

when sourcing gets personal – The Perc

    Marcus Carvalho. It’s a name that, if you’re a veteran Pact Coffee fan, you’ve probably heard before. After all, we talk about him a lot… (here, here, and here… and here’s another, and one more). And although we work with over 200 farmers, we’re going to do it again. Any one of those […]

it’s coming! – The Perc

Coffee and cake. They’re a perfect match. Sugary buttercream, cloying jam, soft sponge – and cut through by a sip of something hot, black and delicious. Mmm. And now we’re hungry. And that’s why we’re getting excited for what is (in our humble opinion) one of the best days of the year. Beating any bank […]

how to cope, with coffee – The Perc

Remember those long summers, filled with burnt sausages, drippy 99s, and sandy picnics that slowly merged into trips to WHSmiths to pick up a shiny new pencil case, and Clarks for some sensible school shoes? Me neither – that was yonks ago. But that ‘back to school’ feelings hits us all. Whether we’ve got our […]

Instant Coffee vs Ground Coffee – The Perc

Instant coffee lasts a long time. And not just because the jar lurks at the back of your cupboard (reserved for unwanted guests, am I right?). The process* of making it means all moisture is sucked out, creating stable coffee crystals. So instant coffee has a long shelf-life. But so does a tinned Fray Bentos […]

try our Limited Edition! – The Perc

Do you hear that? The sound of helmet straps being clipped together, of spinning wheels, and La Marseillaise? Well maybe not the last one – but I think you see where we’re going. The biggest and best (in our opinion) cycling race is back for another year. Having just kicked off across the channel, certain […]

Do hot drinks cool you down in the summer? – The Perc

It’s going to get hot. Uncomfortably hot. We’re talking about watery Pimms because the ice melts too quickly, multiple outfit changes (‘cos you’ve sweated through your last two t-shirts). Having to escape inside every 15 mins, for a quick breather. And when it comes to coffee, there are three schools of thought. The first is […]