Rhode Island Coffee Milk ~ Torani Friday

Today I am sharing a twist on a regional favorite. If you are not familiar with Rhode Island coffee milk, let me introduce you! I have never had the privilege of drinking an original version of this regional delight, however I understand how it is made and thought that I would put a Torani twist on it!

Traditionally, Rhode Island coffee milk, as I understand starts with fresh, cold milk and one of two brands of coffee syrup. This would be like your favorite chocolate syrup to use in milk, except it is coffee flavored. This sweet syrup can be found in two different brands. The old favorite, “Aristocrat” brand or the Coffee Time brand are what people reach for. These used to be separate companies but I believe both brands are owned by the same parent company now.

The magic formula is 1 cup of milk and 2 tablespoons of the syrup. I am using about 1 1/2 cups of milk and 3 tablespoons of Torani Coffee Liqueur syrup. This is a syrup based on the flavors of Kahlua liqueur. Not just coffee, but also rum and vanilla. You can also make your own coffee syrup by using equal parts of strong brewed coffee and granulated sugar stirred together until dissolved. If you like it to be thicker you can boil the syrup on the stove to reduce it until it become slightly thicker. Keep that in the fridge until you want to use it in shakes, over ice cream or of course, in coffee milk.

I know this isn’t rocket science or even kitchen science for that matter, but it is fun and I like learning about regional favorites from all over the world, but from America in particular. Coffee MIlk is one of those. A simple idea that reminds me of the “kid coffee” my Mommom used to make my brother and I when we were small. She would put a dab of coffee in the bottom of a cup along with a bit of sugar and top it off with fresh warm milk. Stirred together it was the perfect bath for dunking hot buttered toast.

I hope this invokes nostalgia for you, if you are from that area of the north east and if you never heard of coffee milk, I hope it opened you up to the idea of enjoying this regional Rhode Island treat. Someday I hope to travel there to enjoy an ice cold coffee milk and a New York System Weiner (don’t call the hot dogs!) complete with the sauce on top!

Learning about the foods of our neighbors is always fun and tasting them is even more fun!

Give coffee milk a try sometime soon!

Happy Eating!

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