The method for the Perfect Espresso

Espresso is a type of many coffee concoctions. In 1843, Edward Loysel de Santais in Milan Italy created the first espresso from using steam pressure. In 1943, the espresso and the process of making it have been known as today since when the spring piston lever machine was invented.


Crema is the important existence in the most defining characteristic of espresso, and there is foam covering on the top of the espresso. So how is a good espresso? The crema is the most important part. Besides, it consists of more 2 parts such as the heart and the body. Making comparison to drop coffee, espresso is thicker. Espresso is on base of latte, cappuccino, mocha and macchiati.


Espresso is created under coffee enthusiasts’ own strict ritual. A perfect espresso is decided by many factors. Therefore, you need know technique of selecting coffee beans and steps of using different types of roasted coffee to make espresso. Your technique bases on espresso making machine the tamp temperature, the coffee grind and many other factors. Practice to make espresso is frequent help you have more your own technique and right adjustments.


There is a thing which you need remember when making an espresso. It is good water. This element decides large part of the coffee’s quality like in tea-drinking. Following step always uses good quality coffee beans and a good burr grinder. More another effect on the quality of the espresso is the consistency of the coffee grind.


It takes from 2 to 2.5 ounces of espresso between 20-25 seconds when you turn on the switch on your machine. If the period of the time is longer than 25 seconds, you should adjust your grinder. In the case without making espressos, it is not necessary for you to concern about the grinds of the 2-2.5 to 20-25 seconds rule.


In general, the machines are sold in the market. It helps you not to use brew pressure. The ideal brew pressure is between 8-9 bars. You can use lighter pressure by machines with pressurized filter handles. Most machines need level pressure’s 30 pounds. In order to measure the extracted espresso, you can use calibrated shot glass.

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