The Perfect Cappuccino

When we think of a cappuccino, we instantly think of Italy, or at least Western Europe. But the taste for a good decent cup of coffee is now a tradition worldwide, Barista bringing you the perfect touch of Europe to you in India, with over 230 locations already in India, Barista is a hugely popular growing company, having opened its’ first coffee bar in new Delhi in just 2000.

Coffee, and the all famous cappuccino coffee came firstly from India, the coffee bean arriving in Venice in 1600, coffee houses opening in Italy on the mid 17th century. The Espresso coffee followed in 1800 in France, and to date you can find as many types of coffee as tea, be it short and black, white with sugar, or even an iced cappuccino.

If you want to find yourself a genuine cappuccino coffee in India, you need look no further than Barista. The company prides itself on clean and modern facilities, bringing you the perfect coffee house in which you can enjoy a cappuccino. Sit back and relax, smell the aroma, and dream that you are in Venice or Rome. That unmistakable smell of the coffee bean hits us on entering the coffee house, enticing us and tickling our taste buds.

Long gone are the days where the cappuccino was only for the Italian, although the Italian nation can pride them on the invention of the coffee house, they can also pride themselves on the coffee house becoming a worldwide phenomenon. A perfect place to meet in the morning, or relax with the local newspaper in your break, perhaps even a first time meeting with a client, or a personal friend.

What you can rely on is that Barista will give you a warm European style welcome, and the chance to sit back and relax and taste some of the finest coffees ever in India.

With snacks and food also available, the perfect place to take a break from your busy schedule! Sit back and relax Mediterranean style with your cappuccino and sandwich or other tasty snack and watch as the world drifts by.

Jatin Sharma is an author of espresso bars in India who is writing an articles on Coffee for so many years. For more information about ice cream coffee and Iced Cappuccino please visit

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